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Episode #1: And So It Begins…

Show Notes:

And Now, The News:

In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people.

John Boehner: Ending Abortion Is ‘One Of Our Most Fundamental Goals This Year’.

AFTAH Offers Resolutions for Pro-Family Advocates Battling the Homosexual Agenda in 2013.

Islamists burn ancient manuscripts in Mali’s Timbuktu. After-show development.

The Main Event:  Conservatism

This week, we talk about conservatism and what it means to be a conservative atheist, compared to the newfangled neo-conservative movement that has taken over the Republican Party.

We mentioned the GOP Survey, here it is.

You Believe What?!?!:  The Kalam Cosmological Argument

This week, we take a look at one of the most popular Christian apologist  arguments, the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

Here are some books you can read based on the last segment conversation.

Bart Ehrman: Jesus Interrupted and Misquoting Jesus

Robert M. Price: Jesus is Dead and The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man

Earl Doherty: Jesus: Neither God Nor Man – The Case for a Mythical Jesus

Lloyd Graham: Deceptions and Myths of the Bible


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