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Episode #2: Electric Boogaloo

Show Notes:

And Now, The News:

Iran sentences U.S. pastor to 8 years in prison.

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Racial concerns as people get pissed over a white guy with fake accent in a Superbowl ad.

Boy Scouts Pressured by Corporate Sponsors to Change Policy on Gays/Atheists

The Main Event:  Guns & Gun Control

This past week, former Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords stood up before Congress and implored them to do something about gun violence.  Giffords, who was seriously injured in a shooting by Jared Lee Loughner, has become an advocate for gun control, yet her own husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, is an equally strong advocate for gun ownership.  In the weeks following Sandy Hook and other public shootings, is gun control, especially banning so-called assault weapons, really going to solve the problem?

Semiautomatic handguns are the most commonly used weapon in mass shootings.

January 2013 was the deadliest January in Chicago in more than 10 years.

A study on the availability of guns vs. violence.

A more likely cause to the problem, we’ve drugged our kids with psychotropic drugs!

You Believe What?!?!:  Sharia Law

After dealing with Christian apologetics last week, it’s time to turn our attention to the Muslims, in particular, the often-heard Muslim demand that the world adopt Sharia Law, or at the very least, allow Muslims to only be judged according to Sharia Law.  Is this a good idea or not?

What Wikipedia has to say about Sharia Law.

The Council on Foreign Relation‘s take.

Why the law is, and ought to be secular.

Even liberal Muslims don’t think Sharia Law ought to be applied to secular systems.


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