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Episode #5: Podcast 5 is Alive!

 Show Notes:

And Now, The News:

Maybe the Pope is part of a gay Vatican conspiracy?

Atheists, Humanists, and Freethinkers Face Widespread Discrimination U.N Told

New study proves religion doesn’t deter criminal behavior.

Transgender Candidate to run for Office in Pakistan

The Main Event: Skepticism vs Ideology: Why some allow their personal opinions to override their rationality.

Here’s a good reference for Skepticism.

Another one, for comparison, for Ideology.

You Believe What?!?!:  Debunking the Resurrection

Some resources:

Robert M. Price: Jesus is Dead

Randel Helms: Gospel Fictions

Dennis R. MacDonald: Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark


You’ll notice that the resources we recommend are generally from We make these recommendations for your further investigation into the topics we discuss. We don’t receive a penny from Amazon, nor do we intend to in the future.


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