The Bitchspot Report Podcast #6

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Episode #6:  Getting Hacked Off

 Show Notes:

Special Guest:  Hausdorff80.  You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter.

And Now, The News:

Vatican admits secretly bugging its own clergy.

“Real” Easter Eggs to be sold this year.

Richard Land, Evangelical Leader, Says Anti-Gay Advocates Being ‘Ostracized’ Like KKK.

Scottish Cardinal apologizes for “my sexual conduct”.

The Main Event:  The Creation Myth

We’re doing a super-sized edition of the Main Event this week with our special guest Hausdorff80.

A post on Hausdorff’s blog regarding Genesis.

A translation of the Babylonian Enuma Elish creation account.

Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths of the Bible


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One Response to The Bitchspot Report Podcast #6

  1. Grundy says:

    Haus did great. I hope Outwest didn’t die, sounded like he hacked up a lung.

    For what it’s worth, Rebecca Watson always sounds reasonable to me, but I haven’t been following the Skeptchick story.

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