New Co-Host Needed!

It looks like Outwest will not be returning to the podcast, therefore I’m looking for a new co-host.  Preferably I’d like someone at least somewhat conservative, but at this point, anyone intelligent, atheist and available to start next week will probably work.  If you’re interested, please contact me immediately, via e-mail, comment or Twitter, and we’ll talk.


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  1. SouthernFemaleConservativeFreeThinker says:

    Had to quit my very conservative (linked regularly by HotAir, InsidetheBeltway and twice by instapundit) blog when I lost my Baptist faith. Passively familiar with blogtalkRadio (2007 version). Have suffered for the last year and a half hiding South of the Mason-Dixon line as a conservative Libertarian with only angry Liberal atheists for company. Would love to lend my voice to your show…and don’t really have that “hick” accent, due to a well worn passport and actual post-secondary education. 😉 More private details if you choose to email me….so fret not….as the Dr.Suess book says….”We are HERE! We are HERE!”

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