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Episode #7:  And Then There Was One

 Show Notes:

It’s a solo episode this week!

And Now, The News:

Pro Proposition 8 Argument Hinges on Heterosexual Irresponsibility

Roman Catholic Church feels Europe slipping from its hands.

Verizon turns in Baltimore church deacon for storing child porn in cloud

BishopAccountability.Org Blocked: Access To Clergy Sex Abuse Site Limited At Vatican.

The Main Event:  A Long Journey Into Sanity

 You Believe What?:  The Flood Myth Pt. 1

These references all come from journals and papers that I copied many years ago in my journey from irrationality.

Awbrey, Frank T., 1981, “Defining ‘Kinds’ – Do Creationist Apply a Double Standard?“, Creation/Evolution Journal Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 1-6

Fiennes, Richard, 1966, “Feeding Animals in Captivity”, International Zoo Yearbook, Vol. 6, pp. 58-67

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