The Bitchspot Report Podcast #23

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Episode 23:  Driver’s Licence of the Beast

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Show Notes:

It’s a bit of a shorter show this week because Skype dropped the call at least 10 times during recording and after having to cut out all of the swearing and glitches, it just ended up this way.  There were a lot of swearing and glitches. 🙂

And Now  The News:

Local woman claims driver’s license photo start of ‘mark of beast’.

If we’re cracking down on Twitter abuse, can we include Richard Dawkins and the atheist trolls?

Pope speaks to youth alienated by church’s sins.

Catholics hear Pope Francis call to shake up church, offer different interpretations.

The Main Event:  Maybe atheists are in decline?

Atheists declining says one study, WND gloats.

Religion is declining in America, says Gallup.

z6yupztzt06jbnlrpvblwaReligion among Americans hits low point.

Belief about God across Time and Countries. (PDF)

The Barna Group confirms Americans don’t care about the Bible.

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