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Episode 28: It’s a Real World After All!

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Show Notes:

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And Now  The News:

Swanson: Mark Twain was ‘Demon-Possessed‘.

Religious discrimination in the workplace increases with diversity.

Most Americans want the Bible in public schools.

Conservatism 101:  Detroit: An American Autopsy

The book that sparked the discussion.

The Main Event:  How To Debate an Atheist and Win

How to debate an atheist and win.


A new equation reveals our exact odds of finding alien life. (it’s actually not all that new)

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3 Responses to The Bitchspot Report Podcast #28

  1. Rick K. says:

    Thanks for another episode. Not sure if it was liberals who messed up Detroit. I rather think it was a mix of things that brought the city to its present dilemma, with the political portion probably being the most obvious. Corruption seems to be a way of life in most larger cities, sad to say, regardless of which party tends to be in charge of the local government.

    On a different topic, I have talked with a couple I know about religious things. With the wife, I argued through emails for same-sex marriage, but she finally gave up and claimed, “it all comes down to faith.” The husband came up with an interesting idea, positing that we humans are like children who don’t understand the motivations of their father. Then he went off the deep end and suggested the “father” was omnipotent, and so on, so I knocked down his argument before someone less forgiving tore him to pieces. He then also played the “faith” card, shutting down the discussion, since he had nothing rational left to say. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to reopen any discussions about their religion since, due to various reasons. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t bother, since they don’t seem to want to go beyond their cocoons. Oddly, they’re both proud of the fact they don’t belong to any organized Christian church. Whether it’s a church of two or two thousand, it’s still based on a myth that’s nearly 2000 years old…

    • Rick K. says:

      Sorry, forgot to mention the husband was doing his bit on Facebook. That’s why I thought somebody might tear into him without treating him as a friend…

    • Cephus says:

      It does seem that many large cities which are corrupt are also quite liberal. We talked about Detroit and Chicago on the show, but you get the same thing in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, all of which are quite liberal and all of which seem to be in the same trouble as Detroit. It certainly does seem to correlate that the worst off cities, the ones where they’ve made the worst decisions and are going down the tubes quickly, tend to have the most liberal governments. What that says, I don’t know.

      Unfortunately, I run into the same kind of arguments daily from theists who really have nothing to offer beyond the faith card. It’s all a bunch of emotional desires that override one’s ability to think rationally. They want it to be true so they demand that it’s true and slap a “faith” label on it to keep it from being criticized. They don’t recognize that all beliefs, faith be damned, need to be rationally justified and if they are not, then intelligent people can and should reject them as unsupported.

      Thanks for your comments, we appreciate your support!

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