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Episode 60:  We Don’t Need No Civil War

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Show Notes:

Special note!  We will not have a show next week due to the real world intruding into our podcasting lives.  Sorry about that Chief.  Back in 2.

And Now The News:

Lots of stories on a new Civil War from the religious.

Staver: ‘We’re seeing the beginning groundswell of a potential new American Revolution‘.

Rick Wiles asks God to ‘Deliver Us’ from Obama, demands military arrest President to prevent ‘Second Civil War‘.

Pat Robertson prays for Obama’s removal, asks God to ‘deliver us from this President‘.

Speech code says ‘No’ to Intelligent Design.

Testing reveals no evidence that ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ is a modern forgery.

Pastafarians rejoice as Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is granted permission to register as a religion in Poland.

The Main Event:  Can You Be Moral Without God?

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