The Bitchspot Report Podcast #66

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Episode 66:  Two Thirds Evil

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Show Notes:

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And Now The News:

Jerad-Amanda-Miller-Joker-cosplayTony Perkins: Christians forced to bake cakes for gays like forcing Jews into Nazi ovens.

Murfreesboro mosque fight laid to rest after Supreme Court ruling.

Tennessee mega-churches.

Klingenschmitt: Satan has blinded atheists to the fact that they’re possessed by demonic spirits.

Southern Baptists meet as membership, baptism decline continues.

Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish.

Bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, found in septic tank at former Irish home for unwed mothers.

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3 Responses to The Bitchspot Report Podcast #66

  1. Jared Haer says:

    Listening now.
    Roads roads roads. Not what I started listening to this for, I don’t care about the state of roads in the area the hosts live(ed).
    I’m feeling some minutia here.
    Chop it down and talk about the process less. maybe try a 30 minute content packed version, just hearing these people’s voices is not entertaining to me. Social media “I don’t give a shit what most people say.” we are still talking about the hosts social media usage.
    Good God people! Get on topic and stop the inane babbling.
    You accuse W. Wheaton of verbal online vomit? Come on, 10 minutes and you have covered no topics, you are the ones with the verbal online vomit.
    Please stay on topic and reduce the length of your podcasts, I want to hear actual content. Your personalities are not educational, enlightening, or particularly entertaining. Get to the meat! Get to the real content! Hurry up!

  2. Jared Haer says:

    Wow, I also don’t care about your credit card troubles. Your woes and so minor, do you hear yourself?

    • Cephus says:

      Yup, and if you don’t like what we talk about, by all means, find another podcast to listen to. This one might not be the one for you and there’s nothing wrong with that. Thanks for your comments and best of luck finding a podcast that you enjoy.

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