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Episode #2.8:  Zombie Hitler!

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Zombie Hitler

Zombie Hitler!

Show Notes:

In continued stupidity:

Ohio House bill would ban abortions spurred by diagnosis of Down syndrome.

And Now The News:

NY pastor: Baltimore rioted because blacks aren’t mature enough to have a black president.

Anti-Gay NYC Pastor James David Manning: ‘Starbucks Flavours Coffee with Sodomites’ Semen‘.

What Is Quiverfull? Here’s a look inside the Duggars’ dangerous Christian cult.

Josh Duggar on child molestation report: ‘I acted inexcusably’.

I love Hitler as he starved white people – Dlamini

Senators question wisdom of Obama’s Cuba policy.

U.S. and Cuban diplomats resume talks to restore relations.

The Main Event:  Iamanatheist and Secularism

Misinformation and facts about secularism and religion.

The moral hypocrisy of the Bible Belt

Divorce rates high in southern, Bible Belt states.

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2 Responses to The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.8

  1. Thanks for having me, I had a great time. Now, I would love to see you getting G-Man on 😉

    • Cephus says:

      I was great having you, you’re welcome on again any time you want, assuming you want to get up early. 🙂

      As for Gman… no… just no. The stupidity is strong with that one.