The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.29

Bitchspot Report YoutubeEpisode #2.29:  Je Suis Paris

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Show Notes:

Unfortunately, there is a very narrow window of time that I have to do editing on this podcast and while we did record a show last week, there were problems with Google Drive, which refused to allow uploads for hours and by the time I actually got the other side of the show, it was far too late to actually get it edited and uploaded in time.  This is especially true because this was a longer than normal show.  So accept our apologies, we’re thinking of putting together a couple of short general topic shows that we can upload when something like this happens.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

And Now the News:

Texas Christians lament ‘freedom of religion’ while protesting Church of Lucifer opening.

1,500 Mormons leaving church to protest same-sex policy, lawyer says.

Utah judge rescinds order that lesbian couple can’t keep foster child.

Safe Spaces As Shield, Safe Spaces As Sword: Part II

The Main Event:  The Terrorist Attacks in France

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