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The Bitchspot Report is a podcast where conservatism and atheism collide.  There are lots of atheist podcasts out there that focus on liberal views and politics, but actual conservatism is largely unheard of in the atheist community, which is funny because approximately 20% of atheists claim to have at least some conservative views.  We aim to change that, to present a non-religious, non-liberal viewpoint and discuss religion, politics and anything else we come across from a unique point of view.

Your Hosts:

Cephus:  Once a semi-fundamentalist Christian (however you want to consider a Missouri Synod Lutheran), and on the road to the ministry, he de-converted after becoming dedicated to testing Christianity using evidence, logic and reason.  He’s spent the 30+ years since actively debating theists, both on and offline.  He has been writing the blog, Bitchspot, off and on since 2004, spends some time on Google+ and is somewhat active on Twitter.  He’s also an outspoken Goldwater-era conservative who preaches the importance of personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism and small government.  Finally, he’s an old-school geek, having spent much of his life on such frivolous pursuits as comic books, science fiction movies and TV series, etc. He has a second blog where he talks about these things called Cephus’ Corner.

Some people have asked why he doesn’t use his real name online, the reason is threefold.

  1. He comes from an era before the Internet where doing such a thing was unheard of, pseudonyms were near universal and he’s never seen a reason to change.
  2. There are those who, when they find out that you disagree with their positions, will attempt to harm you, physically, financially and personally, just because they don’t like their ideas being challenged.  He’d rather not give them an easy target of opportunity.
  3. It honestly doesn’t matter.  It’s what is said that makes a difference, not who says it.  The truth doesn’t become more truthful based on who reports it, it is either true or not true.  It’s easier not to cloud the issue.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle.



Former Hosts:

Outwest: A former evangelical Christian that finally decided he could not reconcile his scientific and engineering background with religion, left superstition and fear for a life free to pursue inquiry, discussion, and debate concerning those issues that matter to people. An old-fashioned conservative, he believes that people have the right of self determination without the interference of religion, or the dictates of government. You can follow him on Twitter here.  He also maintains an irregular blog called Conservative Skeptic.

Mike Bohler:  A skeptic with a interest in History. I have a major interest in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian islands on December 7, 1941. My other historical interests include the U.S. Pacific Ocean war 1941 to 1945, World War Two in general, the American Civil War and the Progressive Era in the United States.

Mike is also an Atheist thanks to his parents open mindedness to allow making his own decision on religion. While his parents were Catholic they were not real practicing Catholics. Only when he started following the skeptical movement did he realize the hypocrisy and danger of religious beliefs.

For his day job he is an Electrical Designer that specializes in power distribution and controls for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Hausdorff:  Born into a fundamentalist Christian household, but started to question things at age 10 and eventually left the faith entirely. Although he rarely read the bible while he was a Christian, he now deconstructs the text one chapter at a time on his blog Hausdorff’s Bible Blog and associated podcast. Politically, he leans more toward the liberal side of things, but more than anything he is just disgusted with politicians and the current state of our political process.  Hausdorff and his wife had their first child in 2014 and this has seriously hampered his ability to keep up with the world of skepticism.  Congrats, Hausdorff!

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