New Bitchspot Quickie!

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Yes, the miracles do happen as I post another Bitchspot Quickie, episode 6, after an absurdly long delay. Actually, I recorded this about a month ago and completely forgot to post it.  My bad.  This time I take a look at theist claims of knowledge and why not only are they not true, but why such irrational claims actually harm human critical thinking.  Hope you enjoy it, I promise, I’ll do more soon!  There also may be some other out-of-the-blue announcements coming up in the near future, stay tuned!

Bitchspot Quickies #5: William Lane Craig is an Idiot

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After a lengthy hiatus, the Quickies return, this time pointing out the fallacies behind William Lane Craig’s “7 Reasons God Exists”. Why do apologists think these arguments make the slightest amount of sense when I can poke massive holes on all of them in less than 20 minutes?

Craig’s original video: