The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.1

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Episode #2.1: We’re Back!

Show Notes:

What to Expect From the Podcast Reboot

Things That Drive You Crazy:

Cephus:  “I have evidence, I just won’t tell you because you won’t believe it anyhow.”

Idiot of the Week:  Senator Tom Cotton

Popehat on how both Cotton and his critics don’t understand the law based on an earlier claim by Cotton:

Cotton and how he spun the senate more than a freshman senator should have been able to:

How Cotton’s positions may see him become an important figure in the GOP:

Why many critics are wrong and Cotton’s letter didn’t violate the Logan Act.

A wider synopsis on Cotton’s points from Reason Magazine:

And Now The News:

Lawyer In California Proposes Killing Gays With ‘Sodomite Suppression Act‘.

Disbar lawyer who wants to legalize the murder of LGBT people.

Phil Robertson’s appalling atheist fantasy.


Duck Dynasty Members Before the Show

No, this isn’t the most transparent Administration ever. And the next one will be even worse.

Gov. Scott Walker vows to break Iran nuclear deal, no matter what European allies think.

Netanyahu shoots down two-state solution ahead of vote.

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