The Bitchspot Report Podcast #72

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Episode 72:  It’s a Religious Conspiracy!

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 Show Notes:

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And Now The News:

New study shows that children exposed to religion have a hard time distinguishing fact from fiction.

MN Republican bases economic agenda on theory that sperm enzymes in anus causes AIDS.

Tony Perkins fears Obama will start putting Christians in jail any day now.

KY boy raped by pastor church had hired because God ‘forgave’ past sex crimes.

Here’s how Jesus feels about the hot social issues of today, according to Americans.

Creationist Ken Ham: We should stop exploring space because the Bible says aliens would go to hell.

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The Bitchspot Report Podcast #8

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Episode #8:  Rise of the Butt Enzymes

 Show Notes:

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 And Now, The News:

‘Concerned’ Minnesota man explains how butt ‘enzymes’ cause AIDS

Fla. Professor Makes Class Trample on Jesus’ Name; Suspends Student Who Refused.

Number of Christians Rises, But Their Share of World Population Stays Stable.

Karl Rove: ‘I could’ imagine next GOP nominee supporting gay marriage.

The Main Event:  Is it Worthwhile to Debate Theists?

 You Believe What?:  The Concept of Hell in the Bible

What Wikipedia says about hell, generically, and from the Jewish and Christian perspectives.

Jewish Universe2

What Does the New Testament Say About the Afterlife and Free Will?



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