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Episode 42:  Godwin on Christmas

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Show Notes:

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And Now The News:

Sandy Rios on The War On Christmas: ‘This is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany.”

L.A. Times exposes Cardinal Mahony’s decades-long pattern of shielding child-abusing priests.

Sex abuse survivors win as Catholic church in Minnesota forced to name pedo-priests.

Yoga guru Bikram Choudhury ‘raped students in cult-like training’.

Religious Horror Show:  105-year old Buddhist engaged in sex abuse.

When Bishops direct medical care.

The Main Event:  Is There An Atheist Movement?

We discuss the limitations to atheism and whether or not disbelief in gods can actually fuel a rational social or political movement in America.

The post that brought this up and another that was done in response to my comment.

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