The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.2

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Episode #2.2: If You’ve Got Brains, You’re a Bad Person

Skype decided to gift us with an intermittent echo this week, our apologies for some of the sound quality on this episode, we hope it isn’t too distracting.

Show Notes:

Idiot of the Week:  Lisa Wade

Liberal Professor: If you understand economics, you’re likely to be a bad person.

And Now The News:

Indiana shut down its rural Planned Parenthood clinics and got an HIV outbreak.

Indiana pizza shop won’t cater gay wedding, gets over $50K from supporters.

Turkey recalls Vatican envoy over Pope genocide comment.

Tense history behind Turkey’s protest of the Holy See.

This UCLA Professor called racist for the horrible thing he did to a black student.

Study:  Coddling Kids Makes them Narcissistic and Unable to Cope

Obama-Castro summit caps thaw in US-Cuba relations.

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