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Episode 74:  An Attack is Not Getting Your Way!

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 Show Notes:Pharyugula

And Now The News:

Catholic League’s Donohue to Obama: ‘Do Christian Lives Mean So Little to You?

Thirty countries require leaders to belong to a specific faith.

Tucker Carlson: IRS rules preventing church electioneering is an ‘assault’ on Christians by atheists.

There are states where you technically can’t hold public office if you’re an atheist.

The Main Event:  Faith-Based Fanatics

We finally spend some time on our hypothesis that religion is getting crazier because all the moderates are abandoning their churches.

From an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times.

Apologies for the lack of YouTube video last week, we uploaded it but it didn’t process or post correctly and I didn’t catch it again until the following week!  My bad!

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