The Bitchspot Report Podcast #73

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Episode 73:  Gonna Flush Those Fart Demons Right Outta My Ass!

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 Show Notes:

Counter protest as SDCC

San Diego Comicon: The Counterprotest

And Now The News:

Pastor claims gay people are possessed by “fart demons” that can drive pigs to suicide.

Romanian lawyer sues exorcists for failing to banish fart demons.

New Age leader sues ex-students over leaked video of her drunken racist anti-gay rant.

Author of excellent ‘Stop Being Gay’ book arrested for molesting teen boy, allegedly, again.

Babylonian tale of round ark draws ire from Christian circles.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #7

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #9

Okay, I admit that Jim Goebel has a point, we can’t talk about fart demons without putting this up.

The Main Event:  The DC Gun Case

The actual court order, what the judge actually said in his own words.

Federal judge declares D.C. ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional.

Court overturns DC handgun law.

One of the Lawyers Involved:  Victory in Palmer v. D.C.

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The Bitchspot Report Podcast #4

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Episode #4:  Four on the Floor

Show Notes:

And Now, The News:

Saudi cleric says ‘baby burkas’ would prevent child molestation.

Catholic organization’s petition to keep Mahony from voting for new Pope.

Self-Immolation Milestone: Tibetan Becomes 101st Protester To Set Himself Ablaze Since 2009.

And now for something completely different: City spends $585,000 on study of how to save money

The Main Event: Rights and their Application

Natural and legal rights according to Wikipedia.

Natural Rights Libertarianism.

Arguments for Libertarianism: Nozick’s Natural Rights.

You Believe What?!?!:  Debunking the Old Testament

Debunking Christianity: 5 Obviously False References in the Bible


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