The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.16

Bitchspot Report YoutubeEpisode #2.16:  Is He In You?

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Show Notes:bomb

Toronto hospital trend of shunning vitamin shots?

Kentucky man dies from snake bite suffered during church service.

And Now The News:

Federal appeals court says pharmacy owners cannot use religion to deny medicine.

Young Nepalese boy slain in human sacrifice ritual.

Texas mayor still defending ‘Jesus welcomes you to Hawkins’ sign from ‘boogie man’ atheists.

Jesus - Is He In You?

Jesus – Is He In You?

Gohmert: ‘God needs to get the glory and praise‘ if we manage to stop Iran deal.

Iran offered Iraq ‘Open Check‘ in ISIS fight, official says.

The Main Event:  Minimum Wage

New York State calls for $15 minimum wage for fast food workers.

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