The Bitchspot Report Podcast #25

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Episode 25:  Technical Difficulties

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Show Notes:

And Now  The News:

Snake-handling Christians to star in ‘Snake Salvation‘ reality show.

Priest who became mayor accused of confessional box blackmail.

Richard Dawkins’ anti-Muslim Tweets spark furor, even among atheist supporters.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible will be charged with murder for ‘faith-healing’ death of 8-month old son.

 The Main Event: Cancelled!

We were planning on having a special guest this week, we arranged to have a special guest this week, we recorded a segment with our special guest this week and… the damn software didn’t save it!  I sounded like the “What Pisses Us Off!” intro, without the bleeps. We’ll have to reschedule the segment in the future, apologies to our guest and to the audience for a somewhat shortened show.

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